Kris Lilliencrantz has been with Solutia Consulting since January 2001 and is currently our Director of Administration/Partner.  Kris brings a strong background of experience and knowledge to her role.  She started her career in the medical industry working in administrative roles at hospitals and clinics.  Later, she started working in the consulting industry. Before joining Solutia Consulting, Kris spent over 10 years at two other consulting firms predominantly as Office Manager.  These roles have strengthened her commitment to service for over three decades now. 

As a member of the Leadership and Partner team, she manages the administrative roles of Solutia Consulting to include general accounting, financial reporting, payroll and benefits administration, and all client reporting and invoicing functions.  Over the years, Kris organized several efforts to improve our internal systems and business processes.  Kris strongly supports and organizes company events, strengthening our communications with our employees. 

Kris maintains an enthusiasm that extends beyond her job and career responsibilities with the company.  Active in the community at large, Kris has coordinated and participated in numerous volunteer efforts in a variety of charitable areas through our Spirit of Solutia team.