Dean Swan joined Solutia in 1997 after six years in various IT and project management roles at Cargill, Inc. Initially joining Solutia as its second consultant, Dean has steadily advanced his career within the company. He has held key roles such as consulting manager and consulting director before his recent promotion to President in 2024.

Throughout his tenure, Dean has played a pivotal role in the growth of Solutia, showcasing his leadership skills and commitment to fostering a culture of respect and integrity. He initially served as the leader of Solutia's Twin Cities branch, where he managed a growing consulting staff and client base. In this capacity, Dean mentored and guided consultants, as well as developed the company's account managers.

In his most recent role as President, Dean is now more involved in strategy and delivery for Solutia, leveraging his extensive experience to drive Solutia's continued success. His responsibilities extend beyond the confines of the Twin Cities branch, allowing him to contribute to the company's overall vision and objectives.

Dean remains dedicated to Solutia's commitment to delivering high-quality technical and management consulting expertise. He continues to work closely with clients, ensuring that Solutia's value proposition is consistently met. Dean's leadership style emphasizes the importance of presenting only the most qualified candidates to clients and supporting consultants in their career growth by helping them develop new skills and experiences.

As a leader with a proven track record, Dean Swan's journey from consulting manager to President exemplifies his dedication to Solutia's success and underscores his continued impact on the company's growth and reputation.