Cindy Matejka, our IT Manager at Solutia, boasts over three decades of IT expertise. She joined our team in 2005 as a Technical Specialist and has since taken on a multitude of roles within the IT Department.

Cindy excels in M365 licensing, optimizing resource allocation for our organization, and offers top-tier technical support to swiftly address complex IT challenges. Her proficiency extends to cloud computing, Azure, Azure DevOps, and Azure Active Directory, ensuring secure, efficient, and scalable operations.

With a keen eye for hardware and software procurement, Cindy maintains our technology stack for seamless operations. She is committed to supporting end-users with exceptional care.

Additionally, Cindy’s multifaceted skill set includes project management and a knack for transforming complex data into actionable insights using PowerBI. Her SharePoint expertise fosters seamless collaboration, while her mastery of Microsoft Teams enhances our communication and productivity.

Cindy's favorite part of the job is the diverse technologies she gets to work with and supporting all of Solutia’s internal projects.