POPS! Diabetes Care

POPS! Diabetes Care

Solutia Consulting worked with POPS! Diabetes Care to build their first versions of a new product that enabled the company to move forward with fundraising campaigns to further the development of a groundbreaking blood glucose measurement system, mobile application, and companion care giver portal.
Solutia worked closely with POPS! Diabetes Care staff to understand and clearly define the desired functionality and appearance for a mobile application and care giver portal that integrates and seamlessly communicates with a Bluetooth enabled glucose measurement system. The prototype system produced enabled the POPS! Diabetes Care team to move forward with capital fundraising campaigns to enable further enhancements to their product offering and initiate the process of submitting the system to the FDA for approval for subsequent public release. For more information about POPS! Diabetes Care and their system, please visit their website at http://www.popsdiabetescare.com.

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