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Prominent Windows Manufacturer
Solutia works with a locally headquartered windows manufacturer to boost their data team

One-Person Powerhouse: Solutia Dev Adapts and Thrives in Solo Sphere

When a prominent windows manufacturer needed a developer for their data team, Solutia had the ideal candidate. Our consultant has been the lone contributor to a crucial project since Spring of 2022, working independently without the aid of QA or PM support. He took charge of his tasks, crafting solutions from scratch and seeing them through to production.

The Start

Our consultant started his day as usual, using .NET 6 and SQL Server, addressing a new business requirement. From creating the ticket to adding a variable, testing, and rolling out the update to manufacturing floors, our consultant demonstrated a consistent and efficient track record over the past year. This new business requirement didn’t seem out of the ordinary.

The Scramble

A week after the code update, emails came in from the production floor, highlighting a minor measurement discrepancy. CAD engineers and Quality Assurance teams raised concerns. Our consultant, methodically examining affected equations, identified the issue—a duplicated variable. With a quick fix and minimal impact, the problem was resolved.

The Continuation

Despite a brief knowledge gap, our consultant swiftly collaborated with the right experts to fix the issue promptly. Post the business requirement, additional measures were put in place by our consultant to prevent similar incidents. This success story not only led to an extension of our consultant's contract but also strengthened our relationship with the window manufacturing company. Some days are about navigating challenges and ensuring seamless collaboration with clients, and our developer did just that!