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International Hotel Business
Solutia teams up with an International Hotel Business to Support and Develop their Online Services

When a global hospitality leader, dedicated to exceeding guest expectations at every turn, made the strategic decision to onshore their support and development team, they knew they needed a best-in-class partner. Solutia Consulting, with its proven track record of guiding successful IT transitions and its roster of top-tier developers, was the perfect fit.

Solutia's team, a blend of experienced veterans and fresh talent, seamlessly integrated into the hotel chain's operations, ensuring a smooth transition, and laying the foundation for continued innovation and guest satisfaction.

Onboarding Sprint

Partnering with the hotel chain's existing team, Solutia Consulting dived headfirst into the knowledge transfer. Our initial focus was threefold:

  • Ensuring app and website stability

  • Tackling stale engagement content

  • Guiding the smooth transition from offshore to our onshore development team

This fast-paced collaboration laid the groundwork for success.


When the offshore team handed over the reins to Solutia, both the client and its guests had fantastic, uninterrupted service. Our developers delivered tangible results, starting with UI redesigns. A streamlined checkout boosted bookings by 2%, while an intuitive room display led to a .5% increase in rate clicks. We also ensured 24/7 support, fixing bugs and resolving issues swiftly, all while maintaining a seamless online experience for guests.

The Merger

The client's acquisition brought a new chapter. Adapting to the shift, Solutia Consulting pivoted its focus. We oversaw the smooth transition of systems, ensuring the seamless sunset of the current website and apps with minimal impact.

The meticulous planning included many measures to maintain stability, mitigating any potential risks associated with the merger. Our proactive stance ensured that the stability achieved during the onshore onboarding was seamlessly extended through the merger, providing a consistent and reliable experience for both the hotel chain and its guests. With the merger successfully completed and the new hotel group's teams seamlessly onboarded, Solutia Consulting exited, leaving behind a legacy of continuous stability, smooth transitions, and an enhanced guest experience.