Senior Program Manager

Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
Solutia Consulting is looking to fill a client opportunity for a long-term assignment with a major Twin Cities corporation. Our client is looking for a Senior Program Manager. This is a great opportunity for a candidate with 15+ years of experience as a Program Manager and Information Technology.


The Sr. Program Manager will establish and maintain the appropriate program governance to ensure the successful implementation of the program objectives and measures defined in the Charter. This is achieved through effective organization and leadership, business case development and benefits management, stakeholder management and communications, risk management and issue resolution, planning and control, program governance and project quality management.

Sr. Program Manager will be responsible for the following key processes and activities:

  • Sets clear program vision that aligns with business strategy, and defined practices, and policies
  • Identify and manage program scope across several interrelated projects or workstreams

    • Prepare impact analysis against scope, schedules, and budget
    • Identify, review, and present all Change Requests to governance groups (i.e. SteeringCommittee)
  • Ensure quality of all program and project outcomes, deliverables, and products

    • Comply with all Corporate policies, Standards, Procedures, and Processes
  • Create, maintain, and report Business Case and Value Realization Plan

    • Collaborate with finance to develop the ROI and manages the financial cost modeling
  • Create, maintain, and report against a cross project schedule and resource management plan

    • Liaise with key Stakeholders and implementation resource groups to ensure alignment
    • Provides partnership and feedback to the design control facilitators
  • Provide critical leadership to ensure overall quality of project planning and execution, whileminimizing and mitigating project risks

    • Identify, mitigate, and review Risk and Issue Logs
    • Assume ownership for all program level risks and issues
    • Assume ownership for all critical project level risks and issues
  • Ensures adequate project and team training to core teams.

    • Provide coaching and leadership to Program Leaders
    • Coaches team members to ensure process adherence and effective project management,utilizing best practice project management skills, as well as framing and resolving issues throughbest practices.
  • Interacts and works closely with other departments to understand and address organization'stechnical and business needs.
  • Directs day to day activities for multiple work-stream teams through managing project plans,resourcing, status reporting, resolving issues, identifying project risks and accountability fordeliverables across multiple internal and external stakeholders such as Business Development,Marketing, Clinical Research, IT, Advanced Analytics, Quality, Research & Development, Regulatory,and external partners.
  • Establishes meaningful metrics and tracks against them.
  • Responsible for project performance, risk management, administration, financial management,budgeting, and issue resolution.

Role Competency Expectations:


  • Manages several interrelated projects or workstreams
  • Accountable for overall program delivery, performance, and customer satisfaction

Organizational Impact

  • Participates in establishing program objectives, timelines, milestones, and budgets
  • Budget accountability for the program
  • Program decisions are generally recommended to higher level management
  • Drive for Results

    • Exerts unusual effort over time to complete a goal
    • Refuses to violate standards
    • Partners with others, as necessary, to get the job done
    • Sets aggressive goals
    • Models the effort and focus needed to achieve goals
    • Implement and manage tools to measure achievement of the project plan.

Innovation & Complexity

  • Demonstrates initiative; results oriented Creative Problem Solving

    • Identifies many possible causes for a problem
    • Generates new and unique ideas
    • Recognizes patters, trends or themes in situations, behaviors, or information
    • Approaches a complex task or problem by breaking it down into its componentparts and considering each part in detail
    • Carefully considers alternatives and their possible consequences,when deciding
    • Demonstrate capacity for strategic thinking, project planning and projectmanagement

Communication & Influence

  • Communicates and leads meetings with internal and external customers andvendors, conducts briefings to higher level management and or executive teams.
  • Influences across functions and businesses while balancing divergent objectives togain cooperation of other parties on program objectives and execution plans.
  • Interpersonal Relationships

    • Relates well to people at varying levels and positions in the organization, bothinternally and externally
    • Builds constructive and effective relationships
    • Demonstrates integrity, honesty and openness when dealing with others
    • Shares expertise with others
    • Quickly finds common ground and resolves problems for the good of all
    • Encourages collaboration across teams, business unites, regions and/orfunctions
    • Fosters an open dialogue with individuals, teams, and work groups
    • Provides partnership and feedback to the design control facilitators.
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